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A Firm Hand (Taboo Erotic Romance) (Shorehouse Taboo Book 3)

A Firm Hand (Taboo Erotic Romance) (Shorehouse Taboo Book 3)

Author: Poppy Cherry

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 25 pages

Language: English

Published: December 23rd 2014

When Lucy is caught in the shower by the boy she grew up with, the pair both struggle to get the other out of their mind. Eventually growing determined to prevent Noah from avoiding her, Lucy provokes responses from him in ways that tempt him to tame her, first with a spanking, and then entirely for her first time, hard and without protection.

This delectable erotic romance is sizzling hot, quality erotica that doesn't let up from start to finish. A definite keeper, you’ll be hitting your back button to read it again and again.

This title is a standalone, like most of the installments in the Shorehouse series.