A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities

Author: Nick McCarty

Format: Audio Cassette

Pages: 5 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9780553474404

Published: March 1st 1996

Written by a university professor, this study guide is designed for reluctant readers, English-as-a-second-language students, and literature lovers of all ages. It includes an author biography, historical background, critical reviews, and a plot overview. The companion booklet features a character list, glossary, study questions, more study references, and more.

01 The Year 1775
The cryptic note 'Recall to Life' is the first link in a chain of events binding London and Paris during the French Revolution.

02 Five Years Later
The Manettes and Mr Lorry attend an Old Bailey treason trial, where the accused is an old acquaintance.
London, The Manettes and Lorry attend a treason trial.
The accused is an old acquaintance.

03 Promises
An accident involving Monsieur Le Marquis inflames the growing anger of the residents of Paris.

04 Beginnings
Carton's associate, the self important Mr Striver, intends to marry Lucy and cannot see why she won't accept him.

05 The Storm Gathers
As the Bastille falls, the echoing footsteps of the mob are heard as far away as London.

06 The Track Of A Storm
Darney is in Paris and in great danger.

07 The Knitting Done
Darney has been re-arrested and is now back in prison but Mr Carton plans to help with the ultimate sacrifice.