An Episode of War: An Army Lieutenant's Revelations About Existance

An Episode of War: An Army Lieutenant's Revelations About Existance

Author: Stephen Crane

Format: Audiobook

Language: English

Published: August 17 2019

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An army lieutenant concentrates on rationing out his company's supply of coffee, meticulously dividing the brown squares before him, when a shot rings out.
The enlisted men, startled by the noise, suddenly see blood saturating their lieutenant's sleeve. In pain, the wounded officer sways, winces in disbelief, mutely surveys the forest, and tries instinctively and clumsily to sheathe the sword that he has been using to count out the coffee packets.
His mind swirls with mysterious revelations about existence and the meaning of life. As his dumbstruck, sympathetic troops...

Stephen Crane (November 1, 1871 – June 5, 1900) was an American novelist, poet and journalist. He was born in Newark, NJ. Crane is noted for his early employment of naturalism, a literary style in which characters face realistically portrayed and often bleak circumstances, but Crane added impressionistic imagery and biblical symbolism to the austere realism.

Christopher Graybill has performed numerous audio books ranging from classic westerns to science fiction, as well as hundreds of commercials and corporate audio narrations. He has also written two short plays, "Eye to Eye" and "Go Look," published by Samuel French.

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Length: 15 min
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