Author: Asher Derek Jarah

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 118 pages

Language: English

Published: November 12 2019

Winter of 2332, all the stars in the sky started to die out. Nobody knew how or why it was happening but as the stars left, the moon grew bigger- the darkness of night lasted longer until the dawn was everlasting. Midnight lasted twelve hours of the day, daybreak ceased to exist. That’s when the convergence started, the moon was calling out to earth, humans and canines alike all started to evolve in similar ways because of the new pressures in the environment.

A lycan race was born, werewolves.

Some humans remained uncompelled by the super moon, staying human- that was until they were bitten by a lycan and turned. Being bitten was the worst thing that could happen to a human, even worse than dying. Only an alpha could cause someone to change, as if the heart of the moon influenced their DNA- making it spread like an infection that forced people to shift or morph into abominations. To the new lycan driven society, you were nothing but a dog if you were bitten and forced to become an abomination. A dog in a wolf pack mentality.