Forbidden Life (Feral Hearts)

Author: Demi Wilde

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 21 pages

Language: English

Published: January 15th 2014

Olga Vorontsyov is one of Alpha Sergei Voyenatsievsky's many concubines. Other women would kill for what she has yet Olga hates her station in life with a passion. Unlike the other wolves, Olga sees Sergei as a lecherous old man more concerned with power than pleasure. It's this dissatisfaction that drives her into the arms of Sergei's younger brother Nikolai.

Nikolai Voyenatsievsky is playing his own game within the family. A fierce wolf already, he wants to take control of the pack and what better way to do so than to steal Sergei's own concubine from underneath him?

As Olga stumbles deeper into Nikolai's arms and ploys, she finds out that the games the two of them play are becoming increasingly dangerous and the stakes continuously raised, with dire consequences if Sergei should find out.