Secrets of the Millionaire Mind in Turbulent Times (8 CDs, 2 Free Tickets to The Millionaire Mindset Intensive Event & Writable PDF Workbook)

Author: T. Harv Eker

Format: Audio CD

ISBN: 9781938774997

Published: November 18 2019

CD Version - 8 CDs & Writable PDF Workbook
Recondition your mind for massive financial success in any economy!

Now Your Economy Can ALWAYS Be Booming!
When it comes to creating, growing and keeping wealth, the millionaire mind thinks and acts very differently than the ordinary mind—which is why people who possess it are able to thrive, prosper and profit, even in the toughest economic times.

In his world-renowned live seminars, T. Harv Eker’s has shown hundreds of thousands of people how to install the “Millionaire Mind blueprint” into the deepest levels of their consciousness right there on the spot—with phenomenal results!

Once you do, you’ll be able to:

*Manage your money more simply and efficiently than ever before.
*Turn your business into a lean, efficient, profitable machine
*Use the power of the warrior’s commitment to get the universe working on overtime to bring you what you want.
*Keep your job in today’s economy. (Do this, and you’ll make yourself indispensable—your boss would be crazy to let you go!)
*Earn the money you really want by understanding how the law of income works.
*Gain more customers than you can handle, even when demand isn’t as strong.
*Get really good at the “business” side of a passion to realistically get rich doing what you love.
*Raise your energy sky-high so you can perform at peak levels—and why it’s so important
Ensure your personal economy is always booming by steering clear of the
*REAL cause of economic downturns.
*And so much more!