The Art of War in the 21st Century: How To Achieve Success With Time-tested Competitive Strategies In Today's Digital Business World

Author: Sun Tzu

Format: Ebook

Published: October 1st 2015

The first version of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" was estimated to exist more than 2,500 years ago, during a very intense civil war period in ancient China. In the past decades, there are hundreds of books written about the historic values, discoveries and stories on Sun Tzu and the Art of War.

The first translation was in the French language in 1772 by French Jesuit Jean Joseph Marie Amiot and a partial translation into English was attempted by British officer Everard Ferguson Calthrop in 1905. The first annotated English language translation was completed and published by Lionel Giles in 1910.

This particular version of "The Art of War" is translated, written and edited by Vivian W. Lee (aka Dr. Vi - value and integrity). She has a PhD in Organizational Management, a MBA in Marketing and a BSc in Psychology, with 20+ years of global business consulting and coaching experience.

The focus of this book is on how to apply the ancient Chinese wisdom on modern business situations. Not only that you will find simple and easy-to-understand modern English, but also competitive marketing strategies for your business in the digital age.

The book is written in ancient Chinese and newly translated English, with BONUS business interpretation. Business topics include organizational management, human resources, e-business communication, sales marketing and competitive intelligence.

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