The House of the Dead & The Gambler

The House of the Dead & The Gambler

Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Format: Paperback

Pages: 454 pages

Language: English

Published: May 5th 2010

The House of the Dead is a stark account of Dostoyevsky's own experience of penal servitude in Siberia. In graphic detail he describes the suffering of the convicts - their squalor and degradation, their terror and resignation, from the rampages of a pyschopath to the brief serenity of Christmas Day. Amid the horror of labour in the sub-zero work camp, we hear the stories of the prisoners, and live through the freezing isolation and pain of day after day of misery. We see a young intellectual forced to live, eat and sleep with men from a background of cruelty, coarseness and brutality.

Alternate edition of ISBN-10: 1840226293 / ISBN-13: 9781840226294