The Law of Success, Volume IV: The Principles of Personal Integrity

The Law of Success, Volume IV: The Principles of Personal Integrity

Author: Napoleon Hill

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 271 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9781932429022

Published: September 1st 2003

The Law of Success, Volume IV & V: The Habit of Saving & Initiative and Leadership by Napoleon Hill Lesson 4 - The Habit of Saving

- The Law of Habit...and how you automatically apply it.

- The simple two-step process to increase your earning power.

- How to think and talk your way to success.

- The two classes of debt...and which one you should avoid like the plague.

- Why a poverty consciousness will affect your health.

- The two-step process that will get rid of poverty for good.

- Why you think the wrong way around when you have some money.

- How saving can lead to success in other areas of your life.

- The shocking truth about the savings of 98% of people.

- How to assure your financial independence.

Lesson 5 - Initiative and Leadership

- The three assets that all great leaders possess.

- A surprising way that you can get ideas off of the ground when you don't have any money.

- The three keys to banishing procrastination from your life for good.

- The secret of why you remain matter what you do.

- The two brands of leadership...and which one leads to absolute failure.

- The most important word in the English language.

- How a great soldier's amazing 17-page analysis will change your views on how to become a leader.

- The only way for you to achieve lasting happiness.

- The chief reason why you don't reach decisions.

- The four Laws that will allow you to build plans for anything that will guarantee their success.