The Picture of Dorian Gray: Annotated Unabridged text and Study Guide

Author: Oscar Wilde

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 246 pages

Language: English

Published: July 19th 2014

The Picture of Dorian Gray, the only published novel by Oscar Wilde, courted controversy right from when it was first published in 1890. The story has gone on to become a classic and is a tale of a young man’s desire to outwit nature no matter the cost.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is about a young man, Dorian, who has a full length portrait of himself created by Basil Hallward. Dorian gets introduced to Lord Henry by Basil who exposes him to the thinking that one exists only to fulfill all pleasures and pursue beauty.
Imbibing this and understanding that his beauty will eventually fade, Dorian wishes that he can live life as he wants it while his painting by Hallward, will absorb the decline in beauty and aging as he satisfies every whelm of his.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray is a worthy classic and a MUST read. Get your own copy now, and read on as Oscar Wilde unfolds the journey as Dorian tries to make his desires possible.