Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous

Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous

Author: Riley Banks

Format: Paperback

Pages: 377 pages

Language: English

Published: April 20th 2013

From the Christian Crusades to the war in Afghanistan, the Vampire Origins series seamlessly weaves historical fact with vampire fiction.

Exploring the origins of five very different vampire tribes - Strigoi, Cambion, Strix, Nosferatu and Bretonnian - the series opens with Book 1 of the Strigoi series; Project Ichorous.

He slaughtered 30,000 in one night in Jerusalem and impaled 100,000 more in Romania in the 1400s. Now Vlad has discovered a way to enslave humans and rule the world - and this time, the death toll will be catastrophic.

Only one thing can put an end to his plans - a Strigoi human. And Vlad will stop at nothing to eradicate every last one.

Scarlett Fraser has no idea she's the very thing Vlad is hunting, or that the castle her dad is renovating is ground zero for Vlad's Ichorous Project and his plans for world domination.

She can stop Vlad and save the world but she must stay human long enough to do so.

As Scarlett is about to discover, staying human is a lot easier said than done.