Vows Promised (Feral Hearts)

Author: Demi Wilde

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 17 pages

Language: English

Published: January 12th 2014

Bree Wolfshohl is in love with the wrong wolf: Victor Voyenatsievsky, whose father views all other wolves as inferior to his own and who has personally denounced their relationship, forbidding the two from ever seeing each other.

Victor is torn between loyalty to the family but also his love for Bree. Even as his father plots in the shadows to usurp the title of Alpha, he is plotting on his own with Bree for the two to be together, no matter what their families may think.

Bree and Victor are playing a dangerous game, a game where failure is not an option, a game where even the slightest misstep, an overheard whisper, and a single wrong move could mean an end to everything. The two star-crossed lovers are determined to see it through to the very end. But whether or not their plan will work is another matter entirely.